Michael Drayton

Welcome to the author website of Dr. Mike Drayton. The intersection of psychology, leadership, and literature, where the beauty of psychology meets the art of words, this is where you'll find Mike.

A clinical psychologist, executive coach, and accomplished author.

Mike harnesses the power of scientific psychology to invigorate leadership capabilities, ignite creativity, and bolster decisiveness. With an exceptional talent for discerning and solving complex problems, he is a trusted advisor to some of the world's most renowned organisations, including Novartis, Sony PlayStation, and the UK Cabinet Office.

Mike's unique career path, spanning roles from a London bus driver to an ambulance paramedic, and from a national director of clinical psychology to a global business psychologist, has enriched his perspective and broadened his understanding of the human psyche. His international experience, from Moscow to Madrid and Amsterdam to Basel, further strengthens his global outlook and appeal.

Mike is a Leadership Coach on the MBA and EMBA Programs at Said Business School, University of Oxford.

His credentials also include being an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and a professional member of the American Psychological Society. 

As an author, he deftly explores the hidden depths of the human mind and its impact on work life. His books include 'The Saboteur at Work', a deep dive into unconscious psychological processes that can sabotage careers, teams, and organisations. 'Burning Bright Without Burning Out' serves as a guide to minimising the risk of burnout while 'Antiburnout' suggests how organisations can protect their employees from burnout.

Mike was born and grew up in Bradford, West Yorkshire, his multifaceted personality extends beyond his professional achievements. A guitar player, a culinary enthusiast, and a dedicated supporter of West Bromwich Albion Football Club for 20 years. Mike cherishes the art of balance in life.

This site serves as a window into Mike's world, where science, leadership, and literature intertwine. Here, you can explore his books, delve into his insights, and learn about his unique approach to leadership and psychology.

Welcome. Stay, explore, be inspired.